Tejashree Dharane

Hey you guys! This pandemic seems to be ever-lasting; and during the time so many of us have gone through some rough times. That is why, we at Ad Matters thought of helping our entrepreneur friends get better reach, so they could keep their businesses going.
For this, we'll be showcasing and talking about their art, talent or skills on our social media platforms. You could do your bit by sharing their stories and talent further, thus helping them widen their reach.

We’ve got today Tejashree Dharane; who is an independent artist, and specializes in making custom & hand-made art pieces. Since she is also an artist by profession, founding her own art business @tejdharart was an obvious decision.

With magic in her hands and art in her heart, Tejashree loves making things that bring a smile to people’s faces. Tejdhar Art is her creative outlet through which she blends concepts, colours, forms, shapes and strokes to deliver unique, custom and handmade pieces of art. In her spare time, you will find her charming television and film audiences with her stunning performances as an actor.

Handcrafted with love! Tejdhar Art is an assemblage of concept-based art that derives its inspiration from anything and everything around us. From quirky paperweights, coasters, hand-painted bottles, coasters, car hangings, fridge magnets, Tejdhar Art offers imaginative products, improvisational personalized & customized gifts, and artistic accessories to embellish your home or office spaces.
Here are just a few of her absolute beautiful creations and art pieces:

You can connect with Tejashree for custom orders & enquiries on her Instagram business page @tejdharart or on her number
+ 91 9881154210

Let's encourage, support & promote true talent and skills more than ever now as this is what our country, our fellow citizens and friends need at the moment.
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