Swarali Marathe

Hey guys! The current pandemic that is the coronavirus (Covid-19) disease may have been stressful for many people. Public health actions such as social distancing can make people feel isolated and lonely, resulting in an increase of stress and anxiety. Coping with stress in a healthy way will make us, and the people we care about stronger.

Taking care of our mental health is an important part of our overall health and well-being. For this, a skilled, trained and trusted mental health professional is who we need.

Here is where Swarali Marathe comes in; a Psychotherapist, Psychologist and Arts-based Therapy Practitioner. She is the founder & director of Psycho-Drama Edu-health Foundation. She has been working in the field of mental health, education and life skills since the past 10 years. Swarali has expertise in using art modalities for personal development, self expression and self awareness.

Swarali works with people who are not aware of the concept and importance of mental health. Her program focuses on taking these services to the community; reaching out to the people, educating them about mental health and making these services accessible to everybody. She has started a program called ‘Rubaroo’ consisting of three things: Mental Health Awareness Workshops, Individual & Group Therapy and Socio-emotional Development Workshops to work on children’s EQ and Mental Health Quotient. This year alone, she has worked with 3000 children using the socio-emotional workshop model.

We’re blown away by how much thought & effort has gone into creating this program, and making ‘Mental Health’ education accessible to those who are less-privileged. Kudos Swarali, you go girl! :)

You can get in touch with Swarali for enquiries on her Instagram page @psychodramaworkshops, or on her contact number +91 9769478084.

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